About me

Me ! Jon PESSION, Magnetist, Energy Therapist

I don't think it's escaped your notice that my name is Jon!

I'm originally from the Var, in south-east France.

My first job was in IT. Nothing to do with magnetism, you may ask! Well, I'd say yes and no!

I've always worked in the service sector. Of course, IT has nothing to do with magnetism or dowsing, but I've always been concerned with helping people.

Computing in the early 90s was a passion. And still is! But I do it for my leisure. And although repairing computers was my first job, I was born with some skills that I didn't really know what to do with at first.

It took me some time and a few steps to begin to apprehend all this. And while I feel ready to help you today, I'm far from having all the answers, let alone the whole story!

One thing's for sure (and it's not easy in this art to have convictions!), and that's that I won't have enough of this life to go round it all!

So I'd like to offer my support to your well-being, that of your loved ones and also that of your pets.

It's not just about laying on hands or searching with the pendulum. It's also about active listening, feeling, questioning... Not everyone comes looking for the same thing, so I adapt, but one thing is constant:

  • You'll be welcomed in a good mood, with all my determination to share it with you.

I can help you from a distance in many cases (not all, then).

Concerning animals, for a first contact, I have to meet them.


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