What is magnetism? What is dowsing?

Magnetizer and energy healer are two synonymous terms. Today, it's easier to refer to a practitioner as an energy healer. A magnetizer has an "old school" connotation, whereas an energy healer is more "up to date", more intellectualized... in short... it's less traditionnal... But, as I'm proud of my ancestral rural traditions, in the end, I prefer magnetizer.

I'm also talking about dowsing, since I use the pendulum. It's not my main activity, but it's a tool I use on a daily basis. It's a complement for me.

And since it doesn't really matter how I define myself, since what counts is the well-being of the person who comes to consult me, let's move on without further ado!

My definitions:

Magnetism, energy therapy, dowsing : My definitions


Magnetism is the ability to transmit and receive vital energy through a channel.

Our bodies are vibrations and energy. Oriental medicine explains that every dysfunction is an energy disturbance.

This energy circulates throughout our body via the meridians, the main nodes of which are the 7 chakras.

In the French countryside, every village had its own healer, as it was called in those days, its own magnetizer, its own bonesetter.

He cohabited with the doctor, each in his own field, and it was common to see the bonesetter before the doctor to reduce a fracture, recurring pain, burns...

We didn't know how it worked, but it did!

I claim to be from "that school": Instinct.

Today, the image of the healer has changed, and we no longer speak of "healers" because of the many sectarian aberrations.

Having said that, a magnetizer is not a doctor, and aims to give you "something extra":

  • Relief
  • Support
  • Boost
  • Soothing

Whether the disorder is physiological or psychological, the practitioner will not heal you as such, but will help you to heal yourself.

Generally speaking, the answers lie within us, and particularly in the case of depression, the practitioner can help you let go of your bag.

But be careful! Severe depression is a serious illness, and consulting a non-conventional practitioner such as a magnetizer does not exempt you from consulting a conventional doctor and receiving medical treatment, if necessary.

Magnetizers are an excellent complement to medical treatment. Sometimes, he or she can alleviate the side effects of heavy treatments.

Find out more here.



Our entire universe is nothing but vibrations.

Bodies, materials, absolutely everything vibrates at a certain frequency, which gives the elements that make up our world their properties.

Sometimes simply by feeling, often with instruments that amplify the dowser's sensations, such as pendulums or rods, he or she will pick up subtle information emitted by nature or the body.

 The main applications of dowsing are :

  • Dowsing, the search for water stream.
  • Geobiology, which studies the influence of the environment on living organisms
  • Energy rebalancing, which, depending on the instrument and the practitioner, can eliminate energetic imbalances in the body and re-harmonize it.
  • Divination, without pretending to predict the future, translates vibrations picked up on a board (a Bovis biometer, for example), helping to make decisions.
  • Searching for objects or people, on a map or in an area.


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